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Post on September 26, 2014

It is 3 years since ‘LIFE’ first opened the door. We have been blessed indeed. It has always been more than a book shop in this newsletter we give an outline of LIFE@LIFE.

Answers to Prayer! Over the last few years the building we are in has been rented but the Landlord has wanted to sell which would force us to move with significant impact to customer’s both local and from afar. However due to God prompted generosity from others, we have been able to commence the legal process to acquire the whole building.

Please join us in thanking God for his blessing and please pray for the continued day to day provision for running costs and family. Thank you for your wonderful support.

Gifts galore: New in this year a wide range of gifts including kitchenware and timber sculpture each conveys a positive message, for friend or family. A wide range of cards and CD’s etc. to give you something for different tastes.

More than a bookshop: We have had the privilege to spend time in conversations and tears; with people healed, wanderers returned home. Bent over and crippled, bitter and in pain, now straightened, refreshed, joining in local fellowship and sharing their joy of new life. Through Christ people have been encouraged including the addicted and emotionally disturbed, we have seen anger turn to peace and fear to hope. The sofas are a prayer space, even when the shop is busy people stop and pray and strangers become friends. Please come and join the conversation.

NEW Children’s books: A great new wider range is here in a dedicated area, please come and see for yourself, bring your children or your grandchildren see the new selection of Bibles and stories colouring books and games. and meet Lenny the lion.

Open events: Are opportunities to welcome everyone. One man came in, loud and abrasive but left at peace, thanked everyone for welcoming him. He found a home for a day, where he could share some of his story and be prayed for. Call us if you want to hold an event at LIFE.

“Life” is an independent BIBLE EXHIBITION SHOP; we are followers of Jesus Christ providing a Bible centred exhibition and shop….

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