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Meet the Author with Dr Jennifer Bute 24th November 2018

Post on November 12, 2018

What does it feel like to have dementia?

What can help?

Dementia from the Inside
Dementia from the Inside

Dr Jennifer Bute, FRCGP, is a distinguished former General Practitioner. In 2009 she was diagnosed with early-onset dementia, and has since learned valuable ways of coping and helping others with the condition.

Her primary conviction is that living with faith in Jesus means there is joy, even in dementia. But what does it feel like to have dementia, and what can help? 

Jennifer believes that her dementia is an opportunity as well as a challenge. When she resigned as a GP, she resolved to explore what could be done to slow the progress of dementia, and to help people living with it. Inspired by the work of neuroscientist Professor Kawashima that showed significant cognitive recovery in patients with dementia, she adopted the principles of his approach and has produced materials for the ‘Japanese Memory Groups’ that she runs in the dementia-inclusive village where she now lives. 

Jennifer is in demand as a speaker, both in secular and Christian settings. Her important insights are that the person remains and can be reached even when masked by the condition, and that spirituality rises as cognition becomes limited.

Come and meet Jennifer at

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